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Κτήμα Αϊβαλή

The Aivalis estate dates back to 1997. Christos Aivalis, heir to a family viticultural tradition, decided to set up his own boutique winery in the Petri community in the Nemea area. The wines fan of the school of Bordeaux and Napa Valley but also with his son Sotiris having studied in Burgundy. In the privately owned vineyards with a total area of ​​65 acres, the varieties Agiorgitiko, Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot are cultivated. The wines of the estate are the culmination of a dialectic between practices and philosophies of the above three top regions. Father and son love their land and their vineyards following a strict protocol of cultivation methodology, such as avoiding watering, fertilizing, strict pruning, low acreage yields. During vinification, the fermentation is done spontaneously with native yeasts and then no oenological substance is used while the wines are not subject to stabilization and filtration as he considers that these processes alter the character of the wine. With the spearhead of Agiorgitiko and with the possibility of owning some top vineyards in the area of ​​Nemea (Alikiza, Traganes, Koutsi) produces delicious wines that reflect the vineyard from which they come, highlighting the real potential of Agiorgitiko.

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